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How to Make Instant Professional Websites using UcoZ

uCoz is a free web hosting with built-in content management system. The modules of uCoz CMS can be used either in combination to build a full-featured website, or separately, e.g. as a blog platform, webforum etc. uCoz takes the 8th place among the sites for Russian-speaking users according to Alexa Internet.

Initially the basis of the service development was formed by the combined experience of several developers, which consisted in previous work over such services as poll and free guestbooks, as well as professional CMS script (WoCatalog Pro). After almost a year of development, on October 29, 2005, the world saw the Russian version of the system. In June 2007, the English version was officially presented, and in August — the German one.


Current system features and capabilities

uCoz CMS platform currently includes the following free features available upon registration:

  • Global uNet profile - allows access to all uNet sites without separate registration.
  • More than 235 designs - can be used to create a site in minutes by using a template.
  • Customized design - the capability to make custom design or customize an exsisting template.
  • 300 Mb of disk space - available upon resistration, the disk space increases with the increase of the number of website visitors.
  • A third-level domain - ability to choose from 21 different zones.
  • Custom domain - ability to attach an exsisting domain (that already belongs to the user) to the site.
  • Creation/editing of MX records and creation of subdomains - available after a domain has been attached.
  • FTP access
  • Technical Support
  • WYSIWYG - an online editor.
  • Backup - backup of files and designs.
  • RSS import and export
  • Awards for site users
  • Automatic creation of a sitemap file



uCoz CMS platform includes modules that can be used to create a fully customized site, alternatively, some modules can be used separately to create a blog, a forum etc. Below is the list of currently available modules.

  • Users - managing the users of the site;
  • Forum - creating and managing forums;
  • Blog - creating and managing blogs;
  • Photo Albums - creating and managing Photo Albums;
  • Guestbook - creating and managing the Guestbook;
  • Publisher - keeping a catalog of articles;
  • Tag Board - creating a mini chat for the website with adjustable design and messages, smileys, automatic foul language replacement;
  • Templates - ready designs and site functions that can be added to the site;
  • Site News - a news feed on the site;
  • Statistics - monitoring and publishing site statistics;
  • File Catalog - a catalog of files added by users;
  • Site Catalog - a catalog of sites quoted by users;
  • Ad Board - Ads management system;
  • FAQ - frequently asked questions section;
  • Tests - testing the new features of the site before enabling them;
  • Web Polls - polling of the site users;
  • E-mail Forms - creating a customizable form for email inquiry by site users;
  • Search - searching for specific content on the site;

Making a blog is easy as all you have to do is install a blogging platform like Wordpress. But when it comes to making a good professional website, everyone knows it takes a lot of time, skill and money.

UcoZ, a free unique site creation system eliminates the difficulty in creating a well-organized complex website and provides users with tools using which they can build and launch a professional web 2.0 website in minutes.

What makes UcoZ a unique online site building solution is its easy-to-use control panel where users can manage nearly every aspect of their website.

From changing theme to blocking unwanted IP address, webmasters can manage everything through the Ucoz control panel. Other interesting features are the File manager, Banner rotator, Site promotion, Comments Management and Instant Backups.

UcoZ also offers integration of various modules to the site. The modules are basically small web apps which add new functionality to the site and all suck modules can be installed with a click. Some of the best modules UcoZ offers are:

  • Forum (Bulletin Board)
  • Site News
  • Web Journal (Blog)
  • Publisher (Articles Catalogue)
  • Photo Albums
  • Statistics (Hit Counter)

and many more.

The UcoZ system offers some incredibly good and unique features that other such services do not. I would like to highlight some of them below:

  1. Users can use a free subdomain provided by UcoZ for free or upgrade and use a TLD domain.
  2. Unlimited Disk Space for Free is provided to host all media and document files.
  3. Unlike other services, UcoZ even allows uploading of files through FTP or web interface.
  4. Automatic site backups save your site from any sudden disaster so your data remains always safe.

Some other features I would like to see in UcoZ is better templates (more XTHML and CSS) and one-click Google Adsense integration.

Registering to the very exciting UcoZ Affiliate Program, users can even make money.

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